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✅ Get Even More AMAZING Special templates for Bonusify EVERY MONTH!

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These brand new premium templates are the latest in the market, and are based on what’s better converting nowadays in the online marketing, after many split testes. 

These PRO Templates will put your purchase on steroids, and help you to boost all your efforts more professionally. 

If you want to be an Super Affiliate and promote every time with a different  bonus page design this is a MUST HAVE Add-on.

These templates are responsive for any devices, tested and proven to be profitable every-time.

Our team will work every month to offer you amazing templates if you upgrade to this Add-on membership for Bonusify.

You will receive a 3+ PRO Templates today, and new templates every month.

Regular Price For one pro template is $197. 

Total value for this package, is $197 x 3 = $591

✅ Add 20+ fresh bonuses now and new bonuses monthly.


⚠️ Don’t use low quality bonuses. Here is where most marketers have this ALL wrong…

All they do is to attach an old and low quality PLR bonuses, thinking they will catch the big fish, but….

? Using low quality bonuses will only reject your clients instead of attracting them.

?You need a safe source of quality bonuses every time.

?Bonuses that are useful and winning… 

We know that using the same bonuses every single time can be boring? for you and your clients. 

If you want to always ☺️ be sweet with your clients, you need to add  something new every time….

? So, If variety in bonuses is not offered your business is dead in the water.

You Have 3 alternatives to have Fresh Bonuses for every promo

Alternative 1️⃣ – Make the bonuses Yourself 

If you are a newbie that just started out, in online marketing, this can be tedious. 

If creating your own bonuses is not your strong hand, this can be time consuming and a big pain for every promo.

Alternative 2️⃣  Outsource

Outsourcing can definitely save your precious time, but doing so, will be set you back a lot of money.

This can easily cost around $300-$500+ per month to have something new and fresh every time.

Alternative 3️⃣ –  Let us deliver Special and New Bonuses every month for you.

☺️ You will receive a special selection of 20+ bonuses today INSTANT in your dashboard, and new bonuses every month. This bonus club will save you time and money every month. You will never be stressed about what bonuses to add for your clients again. We will make the hard work for you every month: search, create and deliver to you the best and HQ Bonuses. 


✅ Add Countdown Timer To Your Bonus Pages

The Most Powerful Sales Trigger is ?SCARCITY!

⏲ Our Countdown timer was specially designed to add urgency to your Bonus Page inside the platform.

Creating time sensitivity into your bonus pages changes how the visitor approaches your offer.

They now realise that there is NO coming back, NO “I’ll take a look when I have more time”, NO bookmarking to check out later or to forget the next day. It’s the “Purchase NOW…or miss out on a killer deal” mindset!

Addig Countdown Timer To Your Bonus Pages is a MUST.

✅ Add your private and custom domain to give it a personal feel

With this pro feature, you can very simply add ⚡️fast and easy your personal domain and promote your offers on Facebook. Because Bonusify is compatible with many affiliate marketplaces, our domain can be blocked from facebook, but using your own domain, you will be free to share your offer on facebook every-time.

✅ Add Testimonials for more credibility

Instantly create authority and boost the sales of your offers by using testimonials.

“80% of customers trust testimonials as much as a personal recommendation.”

Today on Internet, we are constantly being advertised to, and this naturally leads to a healthy skepticism among consumers. You may be an excellent online marketer, but without the power of testimonials, your brand will be lost in the noise. Why? Because people ? trust each other more than they trust your brand.

Use this features to add more value to your bonus pages.


✅ Unlock the power to easily add Features to you bonus pages

Adding features, your clients can quickly understand the best benefits of your offers. This can help you to hook more clients to visit the product you promote. 

✅ Add Export feature to generate as Many Bonus and Download Pages you want 

With this pro feature you can export any page you create inside Bonusify.

This is a easiest way to create and share templates for your launches, partners or affiliates and give them the same great bonuses to generate more sales have an increased conversion.


✅ Add Custom Source Code for more freedom

This pro feature will help you to make your pages more ? unique than other marketers in this competition. You are free to add what you want inside our bonus pages.


Re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website, from anywhere on the browser.

Push notifications are the perfect addition to your marketing arsenal. They literally get your message on a phone, tablet or computer screen instantaneously. It is the hottest technique in online marketing to get your target audience easily on your website.

Let your customers know about your latest promos by sending them a push notification through your app or website.

They also help you to increase loyalty, user retention & satisfaction. Push notifications have a 10x times better conversion rate than email and SMS because they capture users’ attention immediately.

Whether the user is watching a movie or reading an article on his desktop/mobile, when a push notification arrives, the user’s attention is immediately shifted to that.

In today’s world, push notification are a highly recommended online marketing tool which can ease your marketing strategy.


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$19.97/Month Just Now

Also, keep in mind that within 30 days from purchase-day money back guarantee & there is no contract or obligation to stay a member, so if you think it’s not useful for your business, you can cancel membership anytime – RISK FREE. Simply send our support team a mail regarding the issue or reason for canceling.



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